NKT Photonics is the world’s leading supplier of supercontinuum white light laser sources and components and we provide supercontinuum solutions at every level of the value chain - from nonlinear fibers by-the-meter to complete SuperK laser systems with plug and play accessories - all with industrial reliability for 24/7 operation.

Supercontinuum laser sources provide a white light output with the brightness of a laser and the spectral width of a lamp, effectively replacing most of the lasers and other light sources used today for  fluorescence imaging, inspection, OCTFLIM, FRET and a range of other applications in the entire 400-2400nm wavelength range. Use all the light at once or tune, shape and manipulate it to fit your needs with our SuperK accessories.

Whether you are building your own supercontinuum source in the lab or if you need an industrial illumination system we have the supercontinuum solution to match.


NKT Photonics supercontinuum solutions


PRODUCTS: Supercontinuum Laser Sources


The SuperK series is the industry leading range of turn-key supercontininuum lasers used by many of the most innovative companies within bio-imaging and scientific instrumentation. The sources are extremely robust and reliable, build for intensive use and can easily replace large dye and gas lasers as well as broadband sources like ASE soures and SLEDs. Select the EXTREME series if you need maximum wavelength coverage, high power and lots of functionality. Choose the COMPACT series if you are looking for a cost-effective and compact solution.


SuperK EXTREME high power supercontinuum white light laser sources  

SuperK EXTREME high power supercontinuum laser sources
Easy to use turn-key supercontinuum lasers with industrustrial reliability and high power output.

  SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum white light laser sources  

SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum laser sources
Compact and cost-effective supercontinuum lasers for low rep rate applications

SuperK supercontinuum light manipulation accessories   SuperK light manipulation accessories
Tuning, filtering or delivery? Our large plug and play accessory range gives you full control of the light from your SuperK supercontinuum laser
  Lear more about supercontinuum generation  

What is supercontinuum generation?
Short description of the fundamentals of supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers

PRODUCTS: Nonlinear Fibers and Modules


Building your own supercontinuum sources or do you already have a pulsed laser in your lab? Our nonlinear fibers and modules can turn many different types of pulsed lasers into broadband supercontinuum sources. Choose our femtoWHITE modules if you already have a 800 nm range femtosecond laser and look to our nonlinear fibers if you need broadening of either 800 nm or 1060 nm range lasers.


Crystal Fibre highly nonlinear fibers for supercontinuum generation   Crystal Fibre nonlinear fibers
Dispersion taylored nonlinear fiber for supercontinuum generation.
  femtoWHITE supercontinuum modules  

femtoWHITE supercontinuum modules

Fiber modules for supercontinuum generation using your exising pulsed laser.



Gated STED using supercontinuum white light laser sources  

Gated STED
High resolution gated CW STED using the SuperK for excitation. High throughput and excellent reliability and flexibility.

  FLIM using supercontinuum white light laser sources  

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
Excite any dye at any wavelength and with variable rep rate and NIM trigger lifetime measurements are easy.

High resolution OCT using supercontinuum white light laser sources  

High Resolution OCT
The wide spectral bandwidth of the SuperK EXTREME improves the axial resolution in OCT resulting in images with both resolution and detail. 


  Optical molecular imaging using supercontinuum white light laser sources  

Optical Molecular Imaging
In vivo imaging requires near-infrared wavelengths between 650 and 900 nm where the SuperK provides continous output. 

Publications on applications using supercontinuum white light laser sources   Application Publications
Read publications on how our others have used the SuperK supercontinuum lasers for their applicaion.



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