Argos SF High Power OPO

The Argos™ Model 2400-SF is a unique single-frequency, continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator (OPO) designed for nIR/midIR spectroscopy.
Lockheed Martin Aculight (BothellUSA) develops and manufactures this unique system.

Interchangeable, pre-aligned, wavelength-converter modules generate any idler wavelength from 2.3 - 4.6µm.
The Argos provides mode-hop free continuous scanning over a broad spectral range.

The device also produces up to 5 Watt of single-frequency, signal wavelength output from 1.4 - 2.0µm.
Two different models are offered, providing different output power levels.

  • cw Operation Mode
    Broad wavelength coverage range (1,38-1,98µm [signal] & 2,3-4,6µm [idler])
  • High output power levels in signal and idler
  • Single Frequency operation / very narrow linewidth / (<1MHz/1sec., <60kHz/500µs)
  • Wide mode-hop-free continuous scanning (up to 100GHz)
  • Broad tuning range (up to 800cm-1 per module)
  • Interfaces for various wavelength tuning opportunities
  • Plug & Play OPO wavelength converter modules
  • Robust fiber laser pump source
  • (10W @ 1064nm or 15W @ 1064nm)
  • Cavity PZT (>500MHz tuning)
  • Alternative seed-laser sources
  • Fiber laser pump source upgrade (up to 15W @ 1064nm)

Argos SF-15 performance

Download Argos SF Brochure
Download the Argos SF
overview brochure


Download Argos SF Brochure
Download presentation showing
how to obtain automatic tuning
of an Argos OPO

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