Highly Nonlinear Fibers

The possibility of very small core sizes (diameters down to 1 µm) combined with a very large core/cladding index contrast (up to 0.4) enables us to create fibers with extremely small effective areas and high nonlinear coefficients. Furthermore, the dispersion profiles are designed to facilitate different nonlinear effects for special applications. This makes our fibers ideal for applications like

  • Four-wave mixing
  • Raman amplification
  • Optical parametric amplification
  • Supercontinuum generation for optical coherence tomography (OCT) or spectroscopy.
  • Wavelength conversion

We offer single-mode supercontinuum fibers optimized for all major pumping laser wavelengths. The majority of our nonlinear fibers are available with hermetically sealed ends and FC/PC connectors or spliced to standard single-mode fiber or large-mode area PCF. In addition, our most popular PM supercontinuum fiber for 800-nm-range pumping are available as in the femtoWHITE devices in which the fibers are mounted in a metal housing with sealed cleanable end-facets.  If you are looking for a turnkey supercontinuum source, please check our SuperK supercontinuum laser products and accessories section.

The major advantages of our nonlinear fibers are:

  • High nonlinear coefficient
  • Available with zero-dispersion wavelength from 600 to 1700 nm
  • Bending insensitive
  • Optional polarization-maintaining versions
  • Optionally spliced to standard single mode fiber
Highly nonlinear singl-mode photonic crystal fibers
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