Optical fibers are at the heart of everything we do at NKT Photonics. We utilize our unique PCF technology to embed as many of the functions we need directly in the fibers, making systems build with our fibers simpler, cheaper and more reliable. 

Our Crystal Fibre portfolio of specialty fibers spans from nonlinear fibers optimized for octave spanning supercontinuum generation, over the World's largest single mode ytterbium gain fibers for high power lasers and amplifiers, to advanced hollow core fibers guiding the light in air.

Most of our fibers are avilable with standard termination such as FC/PC or SMA connectors or spliced to standard fiber pigtails. Moreover, we offer the CONNECT broadband fiber delivery system, enabling easy and robust single mode coupling for fiber delivery at any wavelength - with the industry's highest coupling efficiency.

CONNECT fiber delivery system


aeroGAIN-ROD module


Active Double Clad Fibers

Double clad rare earth doped fibers

Single-mode ytterbium-doped double-clad fibers with excellent mode quality and industry leading power handling capabilities...

aeroGAIN-ROD gain fibers

Rod fibers bridge the fiber world and the DPSS crystalline rod-based world without the need for in-house fiber handling skills...

Custom fiber projects
Our fiber design team is available to support your idea or fiber specifications to develop an optimum fiber in each case...



Passive Fibers

Highly nonlinear fibers

Nonlinear fibers for e.g. supercontinuum generation - available with hermetically sealed ends and FC/PC connectors or spliced to...

Hollow core fibers

Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers use a microstructured cladding region with air holes to guide light in a hollow core...

Polarization-Maintaining fibers

The PM fibers performance is achieved via stress rod applied birefringence and enables polarized light high power transmission...

Single mode fibers with large mode area

The selection of Crystal Fibre Large Mode Area fibers covers a range of fibers for single-mode diffraction limited high power delivery...


Systems and Modules

SuperK CONNECT - Single Mode Fiber Delivery Solutions
Broadband single mode fiber delivery solutions with easy and robust alignment for any laser source - VIS to NIR.

femtoeWHITE nonlinear supercontinuum modules

The femtoWHITE supercontinuum devices extents the wavelength reach of your fs laser for broadband applications or CARS microscopy...

Fiber termination options

At NKT Photonics we not only provide bare fiber, but fully functional optical devices including a range of termination options.


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