Koheras Narrow linewidth Low Noise Fiber Lasers

The Koheras™ fiber lasers are ultra low noise sources with longitudinal single mode and single frequency operation. The lasers are based on a DFB design ensuring robust and reliable operation, and are delivered as fully integrated systems for the industry and scientific community.  They offer an unprecedented low phase and intensity noise level, very high stability and mode-hop free inherent single frequency output - both under stable and uneven environmental conditions. Furthermore, shot noise limited solutions are available for applications demanding a very low intensity noise level.

Koheras fiber lasers are available within a wide range of wavelengths in the 1 and 1.5 micron wavelength range, and with output power levels from 10 mW to 15 W. The systems offer several control and monitor options with either direct access from the front panel or via a PC using the GraphiK program.

Applications include oil & gas sensingpipeline monitoringwind Doppler LIDARphoton Doppler velocimetry (PDV), spectroscopy, and basic research. NKT Photonics offers a service package with extended warranty and remote monitoring/support for all its products.


KOheras fiber laser advantages

Koheras X15

OEM fiber lasers


BasiK OEM - Narrow Linewidth, Low Noise, Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Koheras BASIK Modules are narrow linewidth fiber laser systems based on a truly single mode, single frequency...

BoostiK OEM - Narrow Linewidth, Low Noise, Single Frequency Fiber Laser

This range of lasers offered as compact modules typically for industrial OEM integration designed for single mode higher power...

Benchtop fiber lasers


The Koheras ADJUSTIK is a single stage amplified system with up to 200 mW of single mode output power...

AdjustiK Benchtop - Narrow Linewidth, Low Noise, Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Koheras BOOSTIK high power single frequency lasers with up to 15W output power and ultra narrow linewidth and low noise...

Multi-channels fiber lasers


AcoustiK Benchtop - Multi Channel, Narrow Linewidth, Single-Frequency Fiber Laser

The Koheras ACOUSTIK System holds up to 16 channels of narrow linewidth fiber lasers for multiplexed sensor interrogation...



Customers using Koheras Single-Frequency Lasers

We are proud to work with some of the top universities, research institutions and companies in the World – some of which you can see below




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